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Why Your Local Record Store Clerk Is Having A Worse Monday Than You

Txesco_montalt_IDIOTSThe service industry is a special kind of challenging, particularly retail. There is no telling who or what could walk through your door. The kind folks at Dangerous Minds have spent 2002 – 2014 documenting some of the finest idiocracy to grace their record store. 

One too many morons made their way into this record store, so the staff started keeping a journal of the stupidest phone calls, weirdest questions, and rudest customers they encountered. Having started this endeavor in 2002, multiple volumes have been penned. Enjoy a few of the highlights (and be thankful you're reading these entries – not writing them). 

Happy Monday, folks! Don't be an idiot. 

Customer: “Why are there only 12 songs on this CD?” 
Clerk: “Uh, that’s just how many songs are on it.” 
Customer: “So, there’s six songs per side?”

Record_store_front(phone call) 
Customer: “Do you have constellation music?” 
Clerk: “Constellation music?” 
Customer: “You know… A variety.”

A guy comes in and wants to order a TV-only-offer CD. He brings in the 1-800 number from the commercial and asks if we can call it in for him.

 A young white woman’s inquiry about Reggae
“Y’all got that Reggae guy? …He’s black.”

Customer: “Do y’all have any cuban music? Like Kenny Chesney or Jimmy Buffett but without the Kenny Chesney and the Jimmy Buffett.”

Clerk: “No I’m sorry I can’t buy any of these (caked in mildew and ratshit) records.” 
Customer: “Well, how about you just give me $20 and throw them all away?”  
Clerk: “…”

Customer has an inquiry about the Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions: 
Customer: “What does BBC session mean?” 
Clerk: “Well, it would have been a session recorded for British BBC radio.” 
Customer: “So is it in English?”

Read the full story here.



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