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5 Tips for the Ultimate Coachella Experience

Download (24)Springtime is here and that means music festival season is beginning. Check out 5 tips on getting the most out of one of the biggest festivals of the year. 


When the weather breaks, many things begin to happen. Layers get lighter. Clothes get shorter. Music gets louder. In fact, the music gets so loud that outdoor amphitheaters host concerts and festivals filled with thousands of music goers each spring and summer. Coachella has become one of the most famous music festivals in the country where fans and artists alike get to show off their style and music. Cherie Nelson shares in this article how you can have the best experience at Coachella if you are lucky enough to attend. 

When standing in a sea of thousands, the key to festivals like Coachella is to stand out from the crowd. Coachella is the place where people start new trends in fashions so be sure to dress to impress. Make sure that you can sustain all of your needs by having enough food, batteries and shelter. Who knows, with the tips that Cherie Nelson gives you, Coachella can be more rewarding than you could ever imagine. Check out her tips on surviving this amazing festival at 

"Do you still need to finalize your plans and preparations for Coachella? If you already have tickets, consider yourself among the chosen few, seeing as tickets sold out within 40 minutes of being released, notes Desert Sun. And, don't forget, these two fun-filled weekends are sure to be inundated with crowds of festival-goers ready to have the time of their lives in the scorching California heat." 

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