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Citymaps Partners With Songkick Connecting Music Fans To Events Happening Near Them

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 7.00.44 PMOne month after raising the $6 million needed to complete a full re-design, Citymaps has unveiled a partnership with Songkick that puts the ability to discover, purchase tickets for, and attend live music events happening around them in the hands of every user. 


Citymaps Helps Connect Fans To Local Live Music Scene

Optimized for on-the-go mobile use, Citymaps gives users the ability to explore over 80 million points of interest to see what is going on around them at any given time. Utilizing Songkick's database of over 3 million concerts, Citymaps now offers users a "live music map". 

“We are really excited that this partnership enables music fans to discover more local live shows” says Songkick's CEO Ian Hogarth. “We're excited to team up with Citymaps to give artists and venues more ways to reach fans and provide Citymaps' users with more information about concerts happening around them."

The interactive map displays what's going on locally; while being peppered with the things you, as a user, want to specifically see. The experience humanizes planning in a way that makes live music events easy to discover and attend instead of leaning on the “let’s just bail because there is nothing to do” response that is all too common.

Events on the Map“Our partnership with Songkick has created an additional layer of customized content for users on Citymaps,” says Elliot Cohen, Co-Founder of Citymaps. “We want to be able to go beyond providing destinations for people, now with our latest partnership we are able to offer experiences.”

How Does It Work?

-         Users can tap the Events filter and view venues that offer events, either on that day or in the near future.

-         Venues that have an upcoming event appear with a special event icon on the map pin (just as venues that offer a deal appear with a special deal icon)


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