Clowdy Connects Local Creatives With Potential Employers Using Geo-Search

Clowdy_logoClowdy, a rising destination network for creatives, has employed the use of geo-search technology to connect anyone looking to hire filmmakers, photographers, editors, etc. with local talent. 


With 80,000 registered users, 100,000 uploaded projects, 300,000 connections made within the network, and 1.2 million content views, Clowdy offers creatives an alternative to the rigidity of platforms like LinkedIn. Building portfolios based off of content and giving credit to all who contribute, a collaborative spirit has been fostered across Clowdy's community. 

Clowdy's new geo-search feature enables anyone looking to hire or work with musicians and other creatives the ability to search for them by geo-location. For example, if you're a singer looking to hire a music producer for your upcoming EP, you can search on Clowdy to find a local professional.

The application also features the following new updates: an improved user portfolio on mobile and desktop, an enhanced upload capability, and the ability to credit collaborators by works of art.


Learn more about how you could use Clowdy to build your career on Clowdy.com

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