Do It Yourself: Mechanics or Motivation?

Images (12)Today, the music industry is all about D.I.Y (Do-It-Yourself). But does that really mean that you have to do it all alone? Today's music industry is becoming less dependent on record labels. Thanks to technology, what was once done by labels can now be done through our own volition. 


Songs can be recorded at small studios with decent equipment. Marketing can be done through some skill in social media. But when you begin to run the machine of your music career by yourself, are you really alone. John Lilly thinks that the D.I.Y journey may not be as solitary as you may think. 

According to Lilly, D.I.Y does not mean doing everything alone. It simply means that as the captain of your career, it is your job to employ anyone that is necessary to achieve your goals. The goal is to make sure that even though you are a D.I.Y musician, you can surround yourself in great community to make things a bit easier. Check out John Lilly's article on MusicThinkTank.com

"I like to say “‘Do it yourself’ doesn’t mean ‘do it alone’” when I’m talking to creative artists working to put all the pieces of their digital strategy together in today’s post-label music business. Sometime I get crazy looks, but what I mean is that the “DIY” movement is more about the motivation than the mechanics of literally doing everything by yourself."

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