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GeoRiot Aiming to Change Link Management for Musicians on a Global Level

Georiot-appclover-app-affiliate-marketing-FEATUREGeoRiot has spent the last year developing a suite of tools to enhance e-commerce on a global level. Offering an in-depth look into analytics that reveal specific user interest, GeoRiot has now made the toolset available to all online marketers. 


These Tools Are Now Available To All Online Marketers:

  • Advanced Targeting - Improve conversions by defining how your audience is routed.  
  • Total Link Management - Make real-time changes when you need to. 
  • Support for Re-targeting - Build custom audiences from anywhere. 
  • Deep Analytics - Keep learning from your links to continually increase conversions. 
  • Branded - Use your domain, or subdomain, and define the vanity codes - e.g. ""

How does it work?

Attaching retargeting pixels to a Genius Link allows you to keep track each person who clicks on your link, in order to show them relevant ads on other websites to help finish the conversion process.  For example, you could add these tracking pixels to this link, then keep track of the users who clicked on it and went to your website. Then, since you now have a list of users who are interested in purchasing the Mumford and Sons Album, you can create retargeting campaigns with more M&S Albums that they might like.  By adding the Facebook Tracking pixel, you can build custom audiences in order to conduct Facebook retargeting campaigns.


Basically, you can now retarget people on a per link basis, rather than just adding these tracking pixels to your website to see who is visiting.  This gives you a much more in-depth look at the specific items these people are actually interested in, and allows you to get more out of your retargeting campaigns. 

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