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Google 360 Welcomes Anyone, Anywhere Inside The World-Famous Abbey Road Studios

Inside-Abbey-Road-630x420If you've had a lifelong dream of seeing where the magic happens within Abbey Road Studios, Google just made it come true. Partnering with Abbey Road Studios to create and compile more than 150 different 360-degree panoramic images, Inside Abbey Road was born. 


Google introduced Inside Abbey Road to fans around the world in a blog post on Tuesday (April 14th): 

Throughout the studios you’ll find more than 30 stories, full of anecdotes and facts about the studios, like the story of Abbey Road engineer Alan Blumlein. Alan was annoyed after a trip to the movies, because the sound in early cinemas only came from one side of the screen. He went on to invent the concept of stereo audio—and sound and screen have matched ever since. Or, if you feel like being guided around the studios, there's an audio tour you can join in every studio. Narrated by producer Giles Martin, engineer and Head of Audio Products Mirek Stiles, and broadcaster Lauren Laverne, the audio tours let you see the studios through their eyes. Think of it as your own personal tour.

Beatles_Abbey_RoadInside Abbey Road is accessible for exploration via desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. The virtual tour is packed with interactive content featuring YouTube videos strategically placed around the studio where they were originally happened. 

Google continued:

Inside Abbey Road is part of our broader effort to help people experience worldwide culture and places from wherever they are, whether it’s visiting the Pyramids of Giza in Google Maps or getting up close to the brush strokes of Van Gogh in the Google Art Project. Now, we’re taking you behind the doors of one of the most famous music studios in the world.

Take a step Inside Abbey Road and see for yourself. 

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  1. Abbey Road Studios were open to the public for a few special ticket-only tours, sometime in the 1980’s – I know, because I went on one. We got to go into one of the studios, watch a short film about the place ( , and look at some old tape machines and pianos.
    Abbey road – The Beatles go hand in hand in one sentence whenever its mentioned. The 60’s will never be repeated & there will never be another band to match or even touch The Beatles and their history! There is not a band since, or now, that will have their music played and admired some 50 plus years later like it had just been released! R-I-P George & John.
    It’s so weird to see the studio of music legends, time seems to have stopped there .Other VR tours and technology innovations worth attention are listed here-

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