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How to Make Your Music Seem Like A Freaking Goldmine To Music Journalists

Logo.bigWhen you are an artist and you are doing everything yourself, it can often seem like you are deserted on an island. But what if you could get journalists to send you a lifeboat?


Today, there are many, many music artists that want their music to be heard by the masses, but do not have the money and manpower to be backed by a major record label. So, they begin to do it all themselves. They find record producers to make an album, promote and market it through various social media networks and try to send their music to journalists/bloggers in hopes that they will feature their music. But more often than not, emails do not get returned and promotion options may seem slim. What can you do to turn that around? Casie Millhouse shares in this article how to increase your chances of getting your music to the right journalists.

There is an art of getting media outlets to feature your music, and more often than not musicians do not have the skills or time to do what is necessary to have the most targeted approach. The key is research. While it may seem that casting a wide net can be the best approach, seasoned pros know that it takes time to develop a wide list of websites that are targeted to the type of music you want to share. For more tips like this, check out Casie Millhouse's article on

"You see, it’s not you or even your music, it’s how you put yourself out there. And how you put yourself out there is capable of transforming an absolute ignore into almost yes and a “perhaps” into “for sure”! Because it really isn’t all about the music in this business. It’s about people. And if you can show people that you’re on the ball and got everything together, you’ve GOT'em."

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