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Interest In TIDAL Is Sinking Faster Than The Titanic [NEW STATS]

Tidal logoHaters gonna hate, but the critics have been particularly vocal about TIDAL.  The streaming music that Jay Z bought and relaunched with the help of superstar partners was just enriching the already rich, they said. And besides, with no free tier, who would sign up?  

Just a couple of weeks after relaunching, interest in Jay Z's TIDAL streaming music service has dropped substantially.  In fact  TIDAL's iOS app, which has peaked late last month at 24 on the overall download chart, had fallen to 872 yesterday, according to app analytics firm App Annie. Among iOS music apps, TIDAL had fallen from 4 to 51 in the same period. 

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TIDAL   iOS Store Rank History   App Annie

By comparison, as of yesterday:

  • Pandora #1 Music / #17 Overall
  • Spotify #3 Music / #19 Overall
  • Rdio #37 Music / #572 Overall

It's still early stages for TIDAL; and the company has plans to launch many new features and exclusives. But clearly TIDAL is has a substantial salvage operation ahead.