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How To Optimize Your Presence On Google Play Music

Google-play-logo-design-250x155Google Play Music has just updated their best practices. This means that there are a few new housekeeping items to be aware of when thinking about your releases on Google’s Music Store.


Guest Post by Dylan Lewis on The Orchard's Daily Rind

 Keeping to these practices will help us help you make the most out Google Play, which currently counts more than 1 billion active Android 30-day users around the world. Of the handful of tips, here are two of the most important in our minds.

The first touches on Google Play Music’s new Artist Page. This feature allows an artist to have an identity on the store beyond the music available for consumption. Artist pages act as the main profile for that artist on the Google Play music store and on Google+. By adding custom images, bios and social media profiles, the artist profile is your home in Google’s network of stores. To start customizing Googleplayan artist page, you must begin by making an artist claim. Artist pages can be claimed via the Google Play Artist Hub — just follow the instructions on how to claim an existing artist page or create a new one. From there, artist pages are at your fingertips!

Google has also updated its guidelines on social posts. With the majority of sales on Google Play coming from mobile users and Android being the largest and fastest growing smartphone operating system in the world, linking music on Google Play better targets Android users and drives significant traffic to purchase. The best way to link to your music from the web is to cut-and-paste directly from the URL header in your browser and use to shorten the link so that it fits inside a tweet or comfortably in a Facebook post. Last, make sure to use the tag #GooglePlay!

You can find more details in the full Google Play Best Practices right here. Play on!


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