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Record Store Day 2015 Spotlight: Good Records

image from www.yeproc.comOne day a year, music fans who prefer to listen to music on vinyl are rewarded with special releases that “validate” their interest in and passion. Today, the Music Business Association highlights Record Store Day participant, Good Records.


Guest Post from The Music Business Association

GoodlogoGood Records
Dallas, TX

What makes Record Store Day so important?
Any event that heightens awareness of mom and pop brick & mortar stores is good in my book.

What does your store have planned for Record Store Day this year?
13.04.20_ED_Record_Store_Day_Good_Records_EHealy_019We are going to have 15 bands as well as 15 DJs to commemorate our 15th year of existence. We are also releasing a 7″ by Sixteen Deluxe, their first new music in 15 years.

  • Spyche and the Mega Rock All Stars – 11am
  • Chris Stapleton – Noon
  • Goodnight Ned – 1pm
  • OK GO – 2pm
  • Steve Earle – 3pm
  • Pleasant Grove – 4pm
  • Daniel Markham – 5pm
  • Pageantry – 6pm
  • Moon Waves – 7pm
  • Moth Face – 8pm
  • John Congleton And The Nighty Nite – 9pm
  • iill – 9:30pm
  • Party Static – 10pm
  • Sixteen Deluxe – 11pm
  • Derek Rogers – Midnight

What’s your favorite Record Store Day Memory?
13.04.20_ED_Record_Store_Day_Good_Records_EHealy_004-1024x682Almost getting arrested when Erykah Badu played because the city thought we had too many people and not proper permits.

What makes your store special?
We curate our selection into what we deem “good.” We offer our customers an adventure in listening with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

What’s your favorite live performance that took place in your store?
My all time favorite instores would probably be a three way tie. Enon which was our first in-store. Grandaddy which was great because we had sold so many copies of “Sophtware Slump” that the band routed their tour to have an extra day in Dallas. We had people overflowing in the street. Queens of the Stone Age was a trip. They were on OzzFest and stopped off and they played as if they were still at OzzFest. LOUD.

20018870A_records1_37199379_74857What’s your favorite Record Store Day exclusive release?
There have been a lot of great ones but probably Stephen Malkmus covering Can.

Which of this year’s Record Store Day exclusives are you most looking forward to?
Probably the one I will take home with me this year will be Willie Nelson’s “Teatro.” I love that album and “Spirit” by Willie.

For more about Good Records’ plans for Record Store Day 2015, click here.

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