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Record Store Day 2015 Spotlight: Independent Records & Video

Music-business-association-mba-narm-650-430The popularity of Record Store Day can be attributed to the strengthening of the independent record store business and actually seeing new stores open up again. The Music Business Association is highlighting participating stores from around the nation. 


Guest Post from The Music Business Association

Independent-Records-VideoIndependent Records & Video
Colorado Springs, CO

What makes Record Store Day so important?

Independent5The excitement factor that drives people into our stores for these releases is bigger than Christmas, and hopefully once they are in one of our stores they dig what we do and decide to come back on a regular basis.

What makes your store special?

Independent Records does RSD scavenger style – not that we hide product or anything, we just spread all 400+ releases throughout the store in a way that customers have to really search out whatever they’re looking for. 

10292205_565760160188091_8555746820012776225_n1We’ve always had local bands play (because in our market that’s what’s available) and we try to offer some sort of refreshment and/or snack to the folks hanging out for the music.

What’s your favorite Record Store Day exclusive release?

I love the Side By Side series from WMG!  The Cure/Dinosaur Jr &  Misfits/Lemonheads and I could go on and on…

For more about Independent Records & Video’s plans for Record Store Day 2015, click here.



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