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Shazam, TuneIn Partner With Google For Hands-Free Music Discovery

ShazamUPDATED: “The only thing easier than tapping a button is not having to tap a button at all," says  said Daniel Danker, Shazam Chief Product Officer of the new Google / Shazam partnership.


shazam Android users who want to find the name of a song or artist can now just  ask their mobile phones to Shazam it, thanks to an integration announced today that enables music discovery via Google voice actions. Available on Android devices with the Shazam app installed, Google voice actions provides users with the ability to identify music using voice commands, eliminating the need to pull out a phone and open the app manually.

Additionally, as part of the Google and Shazam partnership, Android recognizes “Shazam” as a command within the Android operating system. When users ask their devices to “Shazam,” “recognize,” or “name” a “song,” “track,” or “tune,” the Shazam app will launch, and the song can be saved to a playlist for later listening. 


image from griffinradio.netTuneIn is now available via Google app voice commands. To use Google app voice commands for TuneIn, tap the Google app icon and say, “Ok  Google, open TuneIn in Car Mode” or “Ok Google, play Rihanna on TuneIn.”

TuneIn Now Cards are also available via Google Now. Users that have the TuneIn app installed on their Android device, will see TuneIn Now Cards for new stations and podcasts.


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