The 3 Step No B.S. Guide To Marketing Your Music

UnknownMarketing is not the same as it once was. Times are changing in the digital world. Check out this article to figure out how to navigate those uncertain waters.  


There was once a time where digital marketing was simple. You posted a few pictures on Facebook. You replied to followers on twitter. You posted videos on YouTube. Things are a lot more complex. Social media sites now make complicated algorithms so that you don't even see all of the hard work marketers put into those crafted posts, tweets and videos. Thankfully, William Tait gives a detailed guide on how to market your brand and shares practical action steps you can take to achieve better results.

Marketing to the abyss is a difficult. The key to marketing digitally involves connecting with people in the real world. Find a seed group of fans and use them to be the base of sharing things across digital platforms. Check out William Tait's article on MusicThinkTank and comment below on what you think of his suggestions. Have you tried them? Have they worked? We want to know what you think! 

"For example, prior to the explosion of PSY’s Gangam Style, celebrities were approached by Scooter Braun to help promote it. They uploaded videos of them doing that funny dance and that shit exploded. The celebrities were enamored by the craftsmanship of PSY. Focus on your material by being objective. Can what I put out stand the test of time? Would this be enjoyed by people 100 years from now? "

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