Tips for Celebrating Holidays While on Tour

ImagesThe holidays may be months away, but that doesn't mean you can't prepare for those big moments now. In this article, check out ways to make those big moments special while you are on the road.


The road is a magical place for musicians. However, being on the road means that more often than not you are missing out on important dates and holidays with the people we care about. While it may not be an ideal solution, there are ways that you can do what you love on tour and be there for your loved ones on the days that it counts. In this article, Cherie Nelson gives creative tips on celebrating while on the road for your tour. 

Celebrating holidays on the road takes some creativity. Of course, loved ones would like you to be with them but sometimes that is not a possibility. So, make special days your own. Create new traditions for holidays. Instead of being home for an anniversary, use it as an opportunity to surprise your love ones in ways you can only do on the road. Check out other tips on celebrating important events on the road by reading Cherie Nelson's article on MusicThinkTank.com

"Being a musician often means traveling—and lots of it. While you love being in a band and going on tour to share your music with appreciative fans, part of your heart stays at home with your spouse and kids. This is especially true for holidays and birthdays. While it is tough to be apart on any day of the year, on Mother’s Day or your baby’s first birthday, it’s especially gut wrenching. Fortunately, with some pre-planning and creativity, it is possible to connect on special days and feel like you are still part of the celebration with your loved ones."

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