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Top Classical Music Apps

ViolinIn the midst of hip-hop, country and EDM, it can be nice to wind down and listen to some relaxing classical music. So, just turn on your smartphone and start drifting away. 


Smartphones do a lot of things. They can tell you to call your grandmother. They can capture your latest memories. But how often do we use our phones to settle down? Classical music has been known to have some amazing effects in overall well-being. In this article, Jason Phillips shares some awesome apps to turn your phone into your personal orchestra. 

There are some apps that are geared to be purely recreational. There are some apps that this article mentions that are designed to enhance learning. There are apps for both the young and old. What they all have in common is that not only do all of these apps feature classical music, but they are all great apps to break the monotony that the day can usually bring. To check out these cool apps, check out Jason Phillips' article on

"Smartphones are everywhere. Nearly every person has one and there are a myriad of apps available for these phones. They’re no longer just phones or even just for texting and taking pictures. They are now mini computers and you can do just about anything you like while on the go. If you like time away from the hustle and bustle and wish to relax with some classical music you may find one of the following apps just what you need"

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