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Twitter Names New Head Of Music

image from offkiltermusic.comTwitter has struggled to find a music strategy that both engages users and brings in revenue. That could change with the promotion of Twitter's UK head of entertainment to Director of Music based in the United States.


Twitter UK's head of entertainment is jumping across the pond to take control of the social network's music strategy.  Sunili Singhvi has been named Twitter's Director of Music.  He announced the move in a tweet: 

His move also means that there's an opening for Head of Entertainment Partnerships, Twitter UK.

SS_400x400What can we expect from Singhvi?

Back in 2013, he shared his thoughts on building a fanbase on Twitter with the UK's Music Week:

Be authentic

“What the top seven accounts all have in common is that they are in the artist’s voice and they offer the fans that direct route to their idols they can’t get anywhere else. We see lots of accounts which have a strong management or label involvement but you always have to think about how you can get the audience closest to the thing they love which is always going to be the talent."

Quench the thirst for discovery

“People come to Twitter to find out about things they really passionately care about. Some artists feel nervous about talking about releases or videos or ticket sales but there is an element of duty of care. If I’m following my favourite band I’d quite like to know when tickets go on sale, I’d like to know what it’s like recording the new album, what it’s like being on tour – that’s how you keep up with the insatiable appetite of real fans and also how you convert a passing fan to being a super fan.”

– more on MusicWeek

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