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Video Interview Series Profiles Rock Era’s Top Concert Promoters

image from www.harveygoldsmith.comA new video series features extensive interviews with some of the most influential promoters of the rock era. The series includes profiles Harvey Goldsmith, Peter Asher, Don Law, Ron Delsener, Alex Cooley, Donald Tarlton and others. 


UPDATED:  Some of interviews (Harvey Goldsmith, Donald Tarlton, Larry Magid, and Don Law) were conducted by veteran music industry journalist Larry LeBlanc of CelebrityAccess. 

The full video series can be viewed here, with links to individual videos listed below.

Peter Asher (Part 1)
Peter Asher (Part 2) 
Don Law 
Larry Magid (Part 1) 
Larry Magid (Part 2) 
Harvey Goldsmith (Part 1) 
Harvey Goldsmith (Part 2)
Dick Alen
Jules and Mike Belkin (Part 1)
Jules and Mike Belkin (Part 2)
Jules and Mike Belkin (Part 3)
Jack Boyle
Alex Cooley (Part 1)
Alex Cooley (Part 2)
Ron Delsener
Shelly Schultz (Part 1)
Shelly Schultz (Part 2)
Donald Tarlton (Part 1)
Donald Tarlton (Part 2)


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