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What Is Your Music IQ?

Download (23)For those of us that frequent Music Think Tank and Hypebot, we may consider ourselves lovers with the music industry and all that it has to offer. But have you ever thought that your knowledge of music could be quantified? If so what would be your music IQ


What would the quantification of our music knowledge mean for us? Jim Hodson has a theory and shares it in his latest article. 

Hodson places these music lovers in three categories. People in the first category are musicians who spend their days immersed in creating and displaying their musical knowledge. In the second category are A&R people who are trained to spot musical genius before the rest of the world and thus have a high aptitude for things happening in the world of music. And the third category are those that are deep influencers, scoping around for all of the knowledge they can to share with their respective networks. Check out how these three groups impact the music industry by checking out Jim Hodson's article on

"In my opinion all 3 are valid, but how could one ever quantify or compare those subjective factors on a scale similar to an IQ scale? Subjectively everyone knows it when they see it, but objectively it’s more difficult. That said, you are probably still reading this article because it certainly is an intriguing question. I believe that there is benefit to allowing people at least one context to objectively compare ‘Music IQ’ if it can be channeled into helping artists consistently create marketable music that earns artists money and generates quality new music."

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