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Wiz Khalifa Breaks Spotify Single Day, Weekly Streaming Records

wizkhalifa.comExposure is everything when releasing new music; and as the debate rages over digital windowing and exclusives, Spotify is sharing stats to remind the music industry just how massive its reach can be. The latest impressive numbers come courtesy of Wiz Khalifa's new release.
Spotify shared that "See You Again" feat. Charlie Puth by Wiz Khalifa, a track from the Fast & Furious 7 soundtrack in memory of Paul Walker, is breaking records on Spotify: 
  • Spotify logoOn April 13th it broke the record for most streams in a single day with 4.2M listens. 
  • From April 6-12 the track broke the record for most streams in a single week with 21.9M listens worldwide.
  • It also broke the record for the most streams in a single week in the UK from April 6-12. 
  • "See You Again" (featuring Charlie Puth) by Wiz Khalifa is the #1 track on Spotify's Global Chart. 
  • "See You Again" is also the #1 track on Spotify in 26 countries including the UK, US, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more.