3 Proven Tips for Coping with Performance Anxiety

UnknownPerformance anxiety is crippling. In the music industry, being able to perform is a major aspect of the job so being anxious to do it can be awful. Do you suffer with performance anxiety? Continue reading to learn ways to cope.


More often than not, the solution to problems like performance anxiety are simple even though the issue seems so complex. In this article, David Milsont shares simple and practical tips to overcome your performance anxiety. 

Anxiety can sometimes come from the feeling that you are not in control of something. Some of the best ways of tackling that are being as prepared as possible. Are you taking your time with practicing so it is not rushed? Do you have systems in place to help guide and plan your event? Hopefully after reading David Milsont's article on MusicThinkTank.com you will feel a bit more relaxed. Let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

"Whilst it’s true that a little “stage fright” is a normal reaction to a potentially stressful situation for others it can be more severe. Some suffer nerves and anxiety to the point that it not only taints their experience of playing but it can make them want to stop performing altogether. In addition, an abundance of nerves during, or prior to, a performance may taint the actual performance.  Playing the piano whilst your hands are shaking or your palms are sweating is a very difficult job to do."

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