Apple Lacks Needed Music Licences, Beats June Relaunch Could Be Delayed

DelayedJust over a month before the anticipated re-launch of Apple's music service on June 8th, the company lacks key streaming music licences.

Beats appleApple could be forced to delay the highly anticipated June launch of a  Beats powered Apple music streaming service because key deals with some of the major labels are not done, sources tell Billboard.

Two sources confirm the lack of licences, but see very different conclusions.

"if any company can pull it off, they can," one source told Billboard, adding that the "labels are more likely to play ball with them" because of Apple's track record of generating revenue for rights holders.

But another source says the Beats Music re-launch will be delayed, "June won't be the release date. The deals aren't done."

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  1. How necessary is it for Apple to launch in June? The key audience that Apple will be in front of is a developer audience. To the best of our knowledge this may be a closed platform. How significant is this audience versus Apple consumers. The assumption I’m making is will there be an Open API or not for Apple music.
    If the platform is closed its less necessary to launch in June.
    The hype and anticipation for Apple music streaming is a moving target
    Stay iTuned is all I can say

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