Apple Music Service To Add Artist Friendly Direct To Fan Social Features

image from www.sketchappsources.comThe last time Apple tried to combine social media with music was a flop. Ping came and went quickly.  But Apple is reportedly ready to try again, adding a twist that could offer an important new direct to fan communications channel for musicians.

Goodbye Beats, Hello Apple Music

Beats appleApple’s planned Beats-based streaming music service will likely be named “Apple Music” and include an artist focused social network, industry sources tell 9to5Mac

The new Apple Music will allow artists to maintain their own pages on the streaming music service that can include track samples, photos, videos, and concert dates. Artists can also share content from other artists with their fans.

Fans will apparently not have accounts on the social network, according to the sources. But they can use their iTunes ID to login and comment or like posts from artists.

Apple tried to make music social with Ping, but dropped the feature after there was little interest. It's not clear if Ping tech will be powering the new artist focused offering.

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