Artist Merchandising Made Simple

K11715282When you are making your own music and doing your own marketing, you have to front the cost yourself. But is it providing a large profit margin for you? Check out today's article to see how you can get great revenue from your merchandise



A musician these days does most of the work of his career alone. He has to be business minded and think about the best decisions for his brand. However, like many other endeavors, the work you may be putting in is not creating enough of a gap to make a decent profit. This is where artist merchandising comes into play. Dan Servantes shares in this article how it is possible to make money through merchandising and not be completely broke at the end of it. 

Artist merchandise is a large part of the live experience, but deciding what to brand can be tricky. There are so many products it could be overwhelming to choose the right ones. According to Servantes, purchase products that are very cheap to make, such as pens or notebooks, to sell so your profits will be larger. For more of Dan Servantes' article, cheek out his article at MusicThinkTank.com

"With recorded music sales in free fall and touring being a very expensive gamble to try to end up in the black, it has never been more crucial for up-and-coming artists to find non-traditional revenue streams to keep their art alive. There are many ways for musicians to make money – private lessons, doing session work, or even" writing jingles. However, none of these are actively helping build an artist’s career, and the time spent working on those endeavors will ultimately take time away from their own art."

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