BandPage Partners With StubHub To Sell Merch, VIP Experiences On Secondary Ticketing Marketplace

image from upload.wikimedia.orgNot being compensated when concert tickets are resold at higher prices is a thorn in the side of many touring acts. While not exactly resolving issue, BandPage has found a partial workaround with a creative new StubHub partnership.


Direct to fan platform BandPage and one of the largest secondary ticketing platforms,StubHub, have partnered to help artist earn income when their tickets are being resold.

Using a centralized BandPage profile, musicians will be able to sell VIP packages, merchandise and other offers on StubHub, one of the biggest catalogs of tickets for live events in the world.  BandPage has found that online marketplaces typically have conversion rates as much as five times higher than what most artists see in their own online stores.

Beginning in early May, Switchfoot, George Clinton and OK Go will be part of  a pilot program. "Being able to offer an upgraded experience like a VIP or merchandise at the moment they are checking out not only helps increase sales for musicians through a brand new channel, it helps improve the overall ticket purchasing and concert-going experience for these valued customers," said Bruce Flohr, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer at Red Light Management and manager for Switchfoot.



  • StubhubStubHub will show fans the available items for sale in musicians’ BandPage Stores as they proceed through the checkout
  • StubHub will also leverage insights into musicians’ biggest fans and reach them directly through email with highly targeted offers 
  • BandPage will empower musicians with the ability to curate their profiles across StubHub, including StubHub Music, a new mobile concert discovery app for iOS that scans user’s iTunes and Spotify libraries to alert them when their favorite artists are performing at local venues
  • Musicians will be able to control their profile picture, bio and more on these properties directly from their BandPage Profile




500,000 musicians maintain profiles on BandPage to directly control the bios, photos, tour dates and store offers on Spotify, Google, YouTube, Shazam, iHeartRadio, VEVO, Rdio, Soundcloud, Live Nation, Xbox Music, LyricFind, Rhapsody, their website, Facebook profiles and more.  

Offers distributed by BandPage have the opportunity to tap into more than 150 million active music fans each month.


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