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“Day Without Music” Protest Declared Big Success

image from cdn.ipetitions.comCan you imagine a Day Without Music?  With a focus on the live sector, that's how music lovers in one EU country protested new taxes that they believe has crippled its club and concert scene.


image from teezeria.comOn May 20th, Spanish concert promoters lead "The Day Without Music" to protest the 21% percent VAT (Value Added Tax) on concert tickets. 

Barcelona-based concert promoter Neo Sala, who launched the campaign, told Pollstar that 98% of Spain’s clubs and concert halls observed the day of no music.  

A petition to protest the tax, which promoters say cost 40,000 jobs and a 30% drop in concert attendance over the two years since the VAT increased from 8-21% , has collected 240,000 signatures.

"There are international artists who don’t include Spain on their tours or only go to one city,” Sala told Spanish paper El Pais. “It’s not worth it for them to come.

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