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Ex-Google, Facebook Programmers Launch Weav App To Change How Music Is Created And Consumed

image from www.trademarkia.comMusicians, Fans And App Developers Needed To Test New Software

Delivering music fits your location, activity and mood has been the goal of apps like Songza and playlists on every major music service.  Weav takes an entirely new approach – variable tempo.


New app Weav hopes to do nothing less than change how we create and listen to music. Created by Lars Rasmussen who co-created Google Maps and Google Wave before becoming Facebook’s Director of Engineering and his partner Elomida Visviki, Weav allows listeners to adjust the tempo while still keeping it sounding fresh and listenable. 

The new format relies on two pieces of software – Weav, a mixer for creating tracks and a player that can be embedded in any third party app, according to the startup. Artists can specify how the track should change and develop as the tempo is increased or decreased. The artist controls the composition, changing the experience depending on the playback speed chosen by the listener.

Weav by Cute Little Apps from Weav Music on Vimeo. 

Weav Needs Musicians To Test The Software

Weav is now in beta and  that want give musicians the chance to test it and offers feedback. The software is easy to use and will work alongside whatever DAW you currently use, according to the developers.

Musicians, fans and app developers can all sign up to test Weav here.

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