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Guy Gets $120 Ticket For Playing Music On Apple Watch While Driving [VIDEO]

apple watchNew technology brings new problems and rules to solve them; and the Apple Watch is no exception.  Particularly since its a new category – is it a phone? a watch? a new kind of connected device? – the Apple Watch is testing boundaries and creating new ones.

newsA driver in Quebec was fined $120 and given four points on his driving record for switching  tracks changing music on his Apple Watch while driving.  

H was charged under the section of the Quebec Highway Safety Code that says “no person may, while driving a road vehicle, use a hand-held device that includes a telephone function.”

The driver disputes that his Apple Watch is a hand-held.  “It’s on my wrist,” he told CTV News. “That's where it gets really controversial.”

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  1. Still hate to see our rights to use items eroded by the idiots who are unable to put down devices and concentrate on the road when needed. If you’re out on the highway with no one around it’s not really a big deal to change a song safely, however, if you’re in the middle of rush hour traffic or in the city it’s a completely different story.

  2. Good, he deserves it. Over 35,000 people DIE every year in the US in car accidents. Picture of sold out baseball stadium, all those people, dead, buried, Six Feet Under. Yet people treat driving like some trivial thing, eating while they’re driving, surfing the net, and doing whatever, it’s freaking ridiculous.

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