How Much Can You Earn From A Music Video On YouTube? [INFOGRAPHIC]

YouTube MoneyWe've all read the stories. "Musician Gets Rich (or at least makes a good living" Posting Videos On YouTube."  But just how much money can you make on YouTube?  This chart offers some answers.

Making Money On YouTube

via FanDisto

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  1. You can do better than this. Where is the transparency? Why not include “notice that we’re only talking about the top thirty videos with acts signed to major labels” and “Ok Go has a string fan base already with plenty of outlets waiting to help share and spread the video”. If you’re DIY, don’t try this at home and expect the same results.

  2. The graphic claims, contrary to all evidence, that “[song] quality and vitality go hand in hand”.
    If that were true, then Gangnam Style should have bombed.

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