How Musicians Can Get Higher Pay For Live Shows

ImagesThose that are starting out in the music industry often have to "pay their dues" to make it. So, they begin to play shows for very little money. But how long does it take to pay your dues? And how do you negotiate higher pay for your next shows? 


The key to making more money at shows is making sure that your overall look as a band is the best it can be. Do you have an amazing press kit to give to publicists? Do you have a business proposals to give to potential venues so you can be taken seriously and be given a serious offer? Check out William Tait's article on MusicThinkTank.com and see if you can apply any of these practices to your band. 

"What stands the test of time and cuts through the noise are products made with the highest quality. The same goes for any company or startup. If the product’s price point is low, the mind automatically perceives and associates this product at a lesser value. This mentality translates into everything else. Tours with high prices still do just fine because we perceive this value as being worth it. We know that by paying X price for a ticket, we will receive Y value in return. The same is also true for your music."

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