How to Grow your Fan Base by Focusing on Location

ImagesThere was a time where location in the music industry had its disadvantages. You may have had a local fan base, but making the world know about your music was difficult. In real estate, it's all about location, location, location. Could it be the same in the music industry?  


Social Media completely changed the landscape. Suddenly, the entire world had the means to hear your music through various social media platforms. Now that social media is a mainstay in our culture, is it hurting chances for musicians to think locally when it comes to their fan bases? Jack McCarthy seems to think so and in his latest article he explains how we can get back to thinking local. 

In the world of social media, getting noticed can be intimidating. McCarthy suggests to focus on smaller wins. For example, If you post a video on YouTube, getting 500 views can seem like a defeat. But if you have 300 loyal fans on your Facebook page and they shared your video, it is a massive win because you have a live and active fan base even though it is small. For more tips like this, check out Jack McCarthy's article on MusicThinkTank.com.

"Use location driven ideas to help create new content. People have a special connection to the places that they love. One example would be to strategically plan video shoots in popular places while on tour. You or your band could plan to cover songs at a new location in each city, such as the steps to the Art Museum in Philadelphia (made popular by the movie Rocky)."

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