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Digital-bgWhether we like it or not, smartphones, iPads, and tablets have taken up permanent residence in our day to day existence. Fans are on their mobile devices more and more during events - which begs the question, is live tweeting is killing live shows or are smartphones are simply paving the way to the new generation of fan engagement? 


Is our fear of missing out making us miss out on what's in front of us? 

An online survey commissioned by Ticketfly and conducted by Harris Poll, took a closer look at the habits of U.S. adults who have a smartphone and attend live events. The survey's findings revealed that thirty-one percent of 18-34 year olds are using their phones during half of an event or longer. Thats a lot of averted eyes. 

How are the devices being used?

Facebook-inc-news-feedMainly for content. Forty percent of female smartphone owners 18-34 that attend live events say they use their phones to take pictures at events, compared to only 24 percent of males their age. The survey revealed that females between the ages of 18-34 are more likely than their male counterparts to share their experiences via social media apps during the event (35 percent vs. 22 percent, respectively). 

How will usage evolve in the future?

Seventy percent of smartphone owners age 18-34 who attend live events are interested in using their phone as their ticket to enter an event. Two thirds (66 percent) of smartphone owners age 18-34 who attend live events are interested in using their phone to pay for food, beverages and merchandise.

Mobile devices aren't going anywhere - the question is, will we use them, or will they use us?

Source: http://start.ticketfly.com/?p=56399