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Spotify Is NOT Dropping Its Free Tier

image from impactresearch.inThe internet exploded with 'Spotify Is Killing Free' headlines after Digital Music News quoted "multiple unnamed sources" that Spotify was succumbing  to label pressure to end its free music service. replacing it with a 3 month free trial.  


After the Digital Music News report that Spotify was close to dropping its free music tier, we reached out to our own sources within the music industry.  Each categorically denied the report.  One suggested, that "perhaps it was floated in a meeting somewhere, but its an idea that has not traction right now."

Spotify has also categorically denied the report.

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  1. Freemium is the savior of the music business, after the labels made the worst steps possible at each technological turn. And they keep doing that.
    You heard it here first.

  2. Spotify’s free tier is the only thing stopping me from pirating all my music, because I’m poor. At least this way people are making money off of me.

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