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XAPPmedia Raises $3.8M For Net Radio Interactive Audio Services

image from startupbeat.comXAPPmedia, provider of interactive audio content and advertising service, has raised an additional $3.8 million in funding, bringing the total amount invested in the company to $6.8 million.

image from startupbeat.comThe private investors who participated in the seed round also led the A1 funding round. With the new funding, XAPPmedia says it will expand its interactive audio services to pure play and streaming radio providers.

The previous funding was used to launch the industry’s first interactive audio advertising service with National Public Radio, extend the product capabilities to include voice-activated content discovery and app navigation services for Internet radio users, and to form a partnership with jacapps, which now offers XAPPmedia services to more than 300 radio stations streaming through its mobile app platform.

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