Your Summer Music Festival Survival Guide

ImagesSummertime is here and that means it is time to break out all of the gear to hit the festival circuit right. But do you really have EVERYTHING you need? Check out today's article to see if you have all of the essentials on your festival checklist


With today being Memorial Day, summer is unofficially here. Summer is a magical time for the music industry. Outdoor music festivals, in particular, are what music buffs wait many months for. But what if it is your first time hitting the festival circuit? Maybe its not your first festival, but you want to brush up on the basics. Have no fear! Cherie Nelson shares in this article the basic items you need to survive the summer fesitival haziness. 

In the process of planning any trip, you think about many things. You think about how much the cost of the transportation, food, clothing and other fun things. But sometimes in the midst of planning we forget the basics. Did you remember to bring a water bottle that can be refilled in the festival? Did you remember to pack extra sunscreen for those long hours out in the sun? There are just some of the things Cherie Nelson tells us to bring in her latest article. Check out more of her tips on MusicThinkTank.com. 

"Summer music festival season is an opportunity to bask in the sunshine while you dance with the energized masses to the exalted jams of your favorite bands. While music festivals are filled with booming beer gardens, great dance parties, and delicious festival foods, there are also many frequently overlooked elements you must remember to take into consideration. Long lines, extreme heat, vast crowds, and unexpected emergencies could put a damper on your festival experience, if you’re not prepared."

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