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16 Amazing #Midem Hack Day Music Hacks, 1 Winner!

Music Hack DayThis weekend 16 international teams of music tech hackers joined the 5th annual Music Hack Day at the Midem music conference in Cannes, France. I'm most intrigued by FanBox and The Catheruperer, but its another great hack that took home the prize.


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Midem Music Hack Day Hacks

Where's My Music At?
Watch a real-time stream of what the world is listening to

Strip DRM from Spotify media and dump to mp3 format complete with ID3 tags, ready to use with your media player of choice

rMIXr: a full DAW in the browser, built to be fully customized for you next remix contest

MasterSync makes it easy for Sync companies to pitch their catalogue by creating soundtracked rough cuts in a matter of a few clicks. Using MasterSync dramatically increases the chances of winning a sync, giving end customers a true feeling of how effective the track will be in sit.

Robot Drops
Robot Drops is an automatic system that uses the Echonest API to create a pallette of 'drops' (like the needle drops Grand Wizzard Theodore was famous for) which can be triggered by a Novation Launchpad to make a live remix.

Did you get that thing I sent you?
Did you get that thing I sent you? (DYGTTISY) is a hardware device for the creation and performance of ByteBeat music, with a touchscreen to allow you to enter code and a joystick & potentiometer to control variables in that code.

FanBox is a captive wifi portal optimized for promoting your artist of choice. It lives on a small portable, battery powered, wireless router. By setting up a FanBox at a festival, gig, or crowded street corner, the techy / artist gets a new way to connect with their fans or the passer-by, that, wit

Audiogram Midem 2015
Instagram for audio.
Have you ever wanted to record yourself and sound like something else? Do you want to sound like if you were in a Cabinet or tremolo or under the water in Valencia? This is the app for you! Check it out!

The Infinite Ramones
Inspired by the infinite jukebox, creates a never ending song using segments from multiple track from the Ramones
Swipe left, swipe right, find new songs. Sort of like Tinder for songs

The Catheruperer
Do you find yourself out of date with popular music? The catcheruperer asks you what the last song from the charts you remember is and builds you a playlist containing songs which you should know but don't.

Tie Track
Music education app game for learning Intervals.

Festival Bag – THE WINNER!
Augmented handbag that connects via Bluetooth LE to a phone. It has embedded LEDs to display notifications from the phone and interactive tassels and beadwork to send messages back to the phone.

Write Line Kayne
What does the autocomplete on Kanye's cellphone prompt ?

The Drop Machine

The app uses a nifty algorithm to detect the 'drops' in dance music and then uses this algorithm to find the best drops and then creates an endless playlist of just the drops

Korg Kaossilator on steroids.
Stuck of internal instruments? Automatic sampling from spotify and real time live effects!
Don't want to waste time looking for beatmatching tracks? Automatic queries on the echonest!

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