5 Cloud Storage Options for Musicians and Labels

ImagesWhat happens when you have new music recorded and not enough space to store it? You may want to check out getting some cloud storage. Check out today's article to see some of the best options for storing your music on the cloud. 


Musicians and DJs are often in the space of creating. They make new songs and mixes so much that, before you know it, your entire hard drive is filled. So what do you do? You could, of course, opt to purchase another hard drive or your may want to consider opting for cloud storage. In today's article, Cherie Nelson reviews five different cloud storage platforms so that you can make an informed decision about storing your music. 

In the D.I.Y lifestyle, there are always major factors to consider when making any decision. Most of those factors are financial. If you are just starting out, going for a cost-effective option like SoundCloud could be the way to go with its free sign-up and some free storage. If, however, you are looking for something that has more space and protects your files well, then platforms like Gobbler could be a better option for your. Check out Cherie Nelson's article on cloud storage for musicians on MusicThinkTank.com.

"When searching for the optimal cloud storage platform for your music, a few important factors must be considered prior to selecting a provider. For starters, you want to confirm the storage space is adequate and the platform is user-friendly, secure and reliable. And should the cloud storage provider experience technical difficulties, you need to understand how they get things back up and running. Price is another important element because space can fill up quickly, so it needs to be scalable." 

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