9 Secrets From Indie Artists for Selling a Ton of Merch After Their Shows

ImagesYou just sold out a show in the latest stop on your tour. Time to sell some merch! Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of selling merch.


Touring is all about the art of the hustle. You spend all day traveling to your destination. You set up at the venue. You have soundcheck and then have your show. But what happens after the show? Some people may buy the merch, but oftentimes the merch table may be an afterthought to fans. Music Industry Vet Adam Bernard has some amazing tips and tricks to get the most out of selling merch. 

The key to selling merch is presence and flexibility. During your show, make sure you let people know that there is a merch table and it is available all night for purchases. Make sure that someone (like a manager) is always there to man the table  so that it looks available. Also, make sure that you are flexible for your fans. If they are paying to see you show, but are a bit low on cash,  work with them so that you both leave happy campers. For more tips, check out Adam Bernard's article on MusicThinkTank.com.

"Arriving just in time for your set is something only douchey artists do. Tah notes that professionals who actually want to make new fans and move some merch arrive at the venue a full hour before things get started. “Work the whole room, and make sure everyone knows your name,” he explains. “Thank them for coming to your show even if they came to see someone else or are just hanging out at the bar randomly."

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