Apple Music Previews Is First Exclusive: Pharrell’s “Freedom”

Pha Ex[UPDATED] Apple Music has unveiled its first exclusive.  Pharrell Williams, the singer, songwriter and producer who single handedly brought the world the mega-hit "Happy" will release "Freedom" exclusively on Apple Music on launch day, June 30th. Pharrell and Apple tweeted this preview video:


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  1. “Pharrell Williams, the singer, songwriter and producer who single handedly brought the world the mega-hit “Happy””
    Not single-handedly.
    To start, from Wikipedia:
    Recorded at Circle House Studios, Miami, Florida
    Mixed at Music Box Studios, Atlanta, Georgia
    Pharrell Williams – lead vocals, keyboards, drums, bass guitar, writing, production
    Rhea Dummett – backing vocals
    Trevon Henderson – backing vocals
    Ashley L. Lee – backing vocals
    Shamika Hightower – backing vocals
    Jasmine Murray – backing vocals
    Terrence Rolle – backing vocals
    Mike Larson – recording, digital editing, arrangement
    Matthew Desrameaux – recording assistant
    Andrew Coleman – digital editing, arrangement
    Leslie Brathwaite – mixer
    Amir Windom – A&R
    Reuben Cohen – mastering
    This is one of many problems with online music. No credits where credit is due.

  2. Exactly Sasha.
    And this freedom sounds terrible as a debut apple exclusive. Commercialism at its finest. Apple music is not freedom.

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