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Apple Music, iOS8.4 Live @ 11AM ET Today, Beats 1 @ Noon ET

Apple-logoToday is a big day for the music industry.  While there's little radically different about the core of Apple Music's streaming service, will it do what Apple usually does with product launches - borrow the best from others, but do it better?  We'll be blogging and tweeting throughout the day and we want to hear what you think, as well.


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Updated Apple iOS 8.4 would available for download starting at 11AM ET,  8AM PT today, Tuesday June 30th.  With Apple Music embedded in the updated iOS, that also means that Apple Music will be available then.

One hour later,  after hopefully millions have successfully upgraded to the new iOS, Apple's online radio station Beats 1 will go live. Head host Zane Lowe has said that first interview will be with Eminem.

We'll be blogging and tweeting all day and  want to hear what you think.