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Apple Music To Charge $2 Per Month In India [Leaked Screenshots]

image from www.hypebot.comAll of the discussion about what music streaming pays out to artists and labels gets even more complicated when you view the subject globally.  In many emerging markets, charging $10 per month is out of the question. But what kind of per stream payments do creators receive when a music subscription is just $2?

UPDATE: In Russia, Apple Music will  reportedly cost $3.



Screenshots from a beta developer version Apple’s Music iOS 8.4 app show that the company’s streaming service will be priced at Rs. 120 or $2 $2 USD per month for an individual and $3 for a family plan in India.

While the pricing could change, it would similar to what Rdio and other subscription music services charge there. $2 is also the average cost of a digital album in India, according to TNW.  

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  1. This is at par with what other streaming services charge in India. Rdio etc. have their starting plan at Rs. 120 or ~ $2. And it’s a pricing that makes sense for the Indian market. A burger in USA that would cost you $5, would cost $1 in India.

  2. Deezer does something similar with many countries. I pay the equivalent of about $6 on Deezer per month, as I live in Thailand. Normal monthly rate for developed countries in $10.
    It makes perfect sense, as most people in developing countries cannot afford to pay the standard western rate for music. NOT that I’m a supporter of Apple or anything they do 🙂

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