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Apple Music Unveiled: ‘Beats One’ 24/7 Live Radio, D2F Platform Connect, $10 Per Month, 3 Month Free Trial

Apple music logoAt today's Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple launched Apple Music alongside major updates to OSX, iOS and the Apple Watch.  Former label and now newly minted Apple exec Jimmy Iovine took the stage to share the news. 

pictured above is the new Apple Music icon


"Apple has designed one complete thought around music," began Jimmy Iovine during his unveiling of the new Apple Music service today. It will launch on June 30th in 100 countries across all platforms, except Android which will launch later this year.

Apple Music's new streaming service will cost $9.99 per month after a 3 month free trial.

Apple Music has three main components: 

Apple Connect1) A Combined Music Service – Powered by a new app, the core music service combines a users music library, the iTunes music store and Apple's new streaming music service

2) Beats One –  a global online music station with live DJ's including Zane Lowe broadcasting live from San Francisco, New York and London.  Hit artists will also DJ specialty shows.

3) Connect (pictured right) – a direct to fan hub where all artists can upload content – songs, video, messages and other digital content directly with fans.  Today's announcement featured the music of several new and developing artists.  

Additional Apple Music related announcements

  • Siri can now learn that every time the user (for example) gets in their car, it knows that they usually want to play music and will queue it up
  • Siri now recognizes more music commands like "play the top song from 1982" or "Play the song from Selma" 
  • Apps in Apple store have been downloaded 100 billion times and $30 billion has been paid to developers

Apple Music


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