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Apple Promotes Beats 1 Radio With Massive Time Square Billboard, Announces First Interview

times squareSo far we haven't seen much that's all that different about Apple's new music service scheduled to launch next Tuesday, June 30th.  One point of differentiation is Beats 1, the Zane Lowe led live online radio station.  Yesterday, Apple began its marketing for Beats1, unveiling a massive Time Square billboard (pictured after the jump).


Chief DJ Zane Lowe tweeted this photo of the new Apple Beats 1 billboard in New York City's Time Square with the tagline "Worldwide. Always On." Interestingly, Apple's iconic logo does not appear anywhere on the ad.

Beats 1 will debuted worldwide at 9AM PT on Tuesday June 30th, about the same time that Apple Music is scheduled to launch.

Lowe also shared that his first interview on Beats 1 will be Eminem, who have given few interviews in the last year. 

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