Beatport Adds Free Embeddable Music Player, Artists To Be Paid For Every Stream

image from thehundred.coThe money that artists make when music is played online is very slowly inching upward.  That pace should accelerate when Apple launches, or will after it gets past a controversial 90 date free trial. Today, Beatport did their part to both set music free and making certain that artists are compensated. 


DJOnline EDM destination Beatport has added an embeddable player that streams music free on websites, blogs and social media. And the news gets better… artists and rights holders will be paid for each play. 

This puts the SFX owned company in direct competition with Soundcloud, who do not yet monetize most tracks.

Beatport executive Clark Warner said in a statement:

"Supporting artists has been a core value at Beatport since day one, and that mission remains as we expand to serving fans with our new streaming service. Our embeddable streaming music player not only helps artists promote their music by making it available wherever their fans live online, but we are also taking the necessary steps to pay rightsholders for each listen so artists get paid."

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