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Bye Bye Beats: Streamer Tells Users To Move To Apple Music

Beats appleAs expected, Apple is retiring the Beats Music service and brand.  The Beats name will remain  for now on headphones and speakers, as well as, on Apple Music's new 24/7 live net radio stream Beats1.  But given Apple's history of unified brands, will headphones be next? 


Beats bye

Even as Apple Music was beeing announced yesterday, Beats Music was messaging subscribers and changing its FAQ to encourage a switch to the new service. 

When Apple Music launches on June 30th, Beats Music’s iOS users will be prompted to make the move within the current Beats apps.  After sign up, everything – playlists, songs saved, etc. – will shift to Apple Music and their Beats Music account  cancelled. 

No Android App At Launch 

Android users – unless they are developers – will be out of luck, however.  An Apple Music Android app is not expected until later in the year.  That one is coming at all, is a major departure for Apple.

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