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Check-In On YouTube: 6 Best Practices For Bands And Labels

YouTube-icon[UPDATED] Following in the footsteps of digital media hosts Netflix and Hulu, YouTube is joining the game of original content programming. YouTube is financially backing stars such as PrankvsPrank, who have been playing spontaneous and creative pranks on each other for the past six years, and Smosh, who make parody videos, to name a few.


Guest Post Written By  Christina Rosado.  This post is part of a regular series by The Orchard.

This creative content works well on YouTube as opposed to other platforms because of its proven track record as a social network for sharing video and interactive comment system. As avid readers of great content strategy blogs (I mean, you are reading this blog, after all!), we all know the impact of varying your content across social media sites. There are a lot of articles that give insight into posting original content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., — here are some tips to make the most out of your presence on YouTube:


As an artist, this is a great way to promote your music. And with the anticipated release of YouTube Music Key, they have huge potential to grow even further. Think about it: we love hearing our favorite musicians’ curated playlists, whether it’s made up of songs by their favorite artists, inspirational tracks, or songs to motivate you at the gym. Even better: this also behooves labels who can cross-promote artists on their roster.


BalconyTV Playlists


Streamed Live Events

Concerts and impromptu Q&As are some examples which utilize the live streaming feature on YouTube. For example, Coachella live streams all of its performances on YouTube. Worried about audiences in different time zones missing out? Full live-stream broadcasts are saved to your channel so your fans can watch them at any time. You can also re-title your live streamed events as a promotional tool for other social media sites.





Extras. Your audience wants to see that you are human. Film everything; you can decide later what to share. Backstage footage, improv comedy, celebrity playlists, how to’s such as instrumental tutorials, and interviews are some content ideas. You could also try out YouTube Spaces if you want a more professional look for your video. If you have 10k subscribers and an account in good standing, this is a creative space with locations in Los Angeles, New York, London, Tokyo, São Paulo and Berlin which you can use to film original content.




Globalized content

Optimize your content for a global audience by translating your descriptions and titles accordingly. You can also check out your stats in YouTube Analytics to see how your content is doing in different countries!


aventura obsession

Brand Your Channel

YouTube banners, avatars, and thumbnails can be custom-made to fit your brand. You can create a unique brand image with any photo-editing software. Check out our Radial Live channel (shameless plug!) for an example of how to create a cohesive branded channel.

radial live profile brand your channel


The YouTube cards feature is designed for engagement and to create a call-to-action for your viewers. You can use YouTube cards to link a playlist, subscribe button, or next episode at the end of your video to keep fans engaged. Read more in our blog post here. 


nuclear blast cards


The key to building a following on any social media platform involves varying your content so that your fans know what to expect and where. Go ahead and try out a few (or all) of these tips on YouTube, and convert your viewers to loyal fans!


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