Direct-To-Fan Music Sales Chart June 12, 2015

D2FThis weeks Direct-To-Fan Chart from serves as a reminder that D2F sales are not just for the young. with Bette Midler, Robert Plant, Dwight Yoakmm, Van Morrison and a cult favorite we have not heard from in a long time, Crack The Sky, all in the top 10.

These new charts will track weekly top D2F albums and monthly top D2F artists, encapsulating sales for more than 1,500 artists’ e-commerce stores, which are being fulfilled by Musictoday.com, rGenerator and WarnerD2C. BuzzAngle Music will be adding more than 3,000 artist ecommerce stores over the next 30-60 days that are being fulfilled by TopSpin/BandMerch, Neurotic Media, Gumroad and Pledge Music.

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