Four Simple Ways to Engage Your Social Media Audience

SocialengagementWe have defined engagement and found benchmarks to aim for, but how exactly do you engage with your audience on social media?  There’s no hard and fast rules, but here are a few good ideas you should stick with if you’re looking to build a good relationship with your social media followers:


Guest Post from FanBridge Blog 

Be present

The less active you are on social media, the less active your fans will be, too.  If they can come to expect new posts from you (even just on one platform), they’ll keep an eye out.  No need to bombard them, just don’t forget they exist either.  Check in every once in awhile, and share something with your fans.  They’ve given you so much of their time; you can give this back to them. 

Post content that your fans will find interesting

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 1.13.09 AMYou don’t always have to post promotional things or updates about yourself.  There’s a whole wide world of other content out there that you can share with your fans.  Figure out what else they’re interested in, or just share other things that interest you; whether it’s a funny GIF or something from the news or your favorite TV show, I bet your fans can relate, and that bond will grow stronger.

[Pro Tip: add images to your posts to gain more visibility.  Not only does it take up more space in the news feed, but it is also a quick attention-grabber] 

Ask Questions (or get them to ask YOU a question)

Not sure what your fans are into?  Maybe you should ask them!  Getting to know even one fan a little better through social media can help.  Better yet, get your fans to ask you questions, and answer a bunch.  This is an excellent way to boost that engagement!

Call to Action

Engagement, of course, is all about getting that fan to take an action.  So, ask them to take an action!  Simply asking your fans to buy your product or sign up for your mailing list, while it seems overly promotional, works in moderation!

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