How To Claim Your Apple Music Connect Profile Now

Apple Music Artist AccountsWith the announcement of Apple Music, its streaming  service and Beats1 live online radio, came Connect. This direct to fan social music platform should help artists connect with fans as they listen to music.  Here's how to claim your Apple Connect profile now.


By Chandler Coyle of The Coyle Report and Music Geek Services

On June 30, 2015 Apple will launch their new music service called Apple Music. Included in this new service is an artist to fan social platform called Connect. Apple describes it this way:

Apple Music Connect

Apple Music is for you, the artist, to connect directly with your fans. Share your thoughts and ideas, post demos, remixes, lyrics—really, anything you can imagine—and connect with fans all around the world.

You will want to claim your Connect profile as soon as possible.

Step 1 – Visit the Apple Music Connect landing page.

Apple_-_Music_-_Connect 2

and read what Apple Music Connect is all about.


Step 2 – Scroll down to prompt to learn more…


and click on the link that says Learn more about Connect for artists.

Step 3 – Before you ‘Get Started’ on Apple Music Connect, I recommend you learn even more by reading the FAQ.

Apple Music Connect FAQ


I’d like to highlight a few important questions and their answers:

What can I post?

You can post a simple message, share your favorite music from our expansive catalog, and upload your own work, including audio, videos, and photos. All users, whether they are members or not, can read your posts and stream content you upload. However, only members will be able to stream the songs, albums, and music videos you share from the Apple Music catalog.

You can also attach audio or videos that you upload to your existing albums in Apple Music and comment on other artists’ posts or respond to comments on your own posts.

Please note that you must own all rights for any content that you upload to Apple Music Connect (otherwise your access to Connect may be revoked).

Are there guidelines for the content I upload?

Apple Music offers you the opportunity to post content that’s unique and personal. Upload audio (up to 90 minutes), videos (up to 8 minutes), or photos (in JPEG or PNG file formats) in the app with a simple tap.

Audio and videos can be professionally produced or spontaneously recorded on an iPhone or iPad and posted immediately. All the audio, videos, and photos that you upload will be available to members and nonmembers alike.

Step 4 – Claim your profile and become a verified Apple Music Connect artist:

How can I get access to Apple Music Connect?
To become a verified artist, simply request access here.


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