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Indie Labels Worst Fears Come True: Spotify Battles Apple Music With 2 Month Free Trial

ShowposterIndependent labels upset that Apple Music's will not compensate rightsholders for the millions of tracks certain to be streamed during its 90 day free trial, had expressed concern that competitors would follow suit, further eroding essential revenue. Their worst fears have now come true.





Spotify free 2

Ahead of Apple's June 30th unveiling, Spotify has launched a marketing campaign offering 2 month free trial of its Premium service.  In the US, Spotify is offering 3 months of premium for $.99.

Earlier this week, music streamer Deezer launched a European-wide promotion offering a three month premium trial for just £0.99 / €0.99 ($1.11 USD).  The deal runs now through a few days past Apple Music's June 30th launch.  

Why Buy When You Can Listen For Free?

Many independent labels are concerned that millions of music fans will take advantage of months of free music from multiple services; thus, at least temporarily, gutting revenue from both downloads and paid streaming. 

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